Tips to Find the Best Body Shop in London, Ontario

We all love our cars, don’t we? But, the horror stories of car owners reaching out to a garage for regular maintenance and getting ripped off are no secret. Handling a car repair is not child’s play and only professionals can undertake it. Since there is a myriad of garages to choose from, car owners find it difficult to find the right body shop in London, Ontario.


Start your hunt for the best body shop in London, Ontario by doing comprehensive research in your area. You can seek referrals from your friends and neighbours or search on the Internet. If you intend to leave your car at the garage, local garages are best since you won’t have to travel to another town to collect your car after it’s repaired.


Once you have found a handful of local garages, start contacting them. A reliable garage always answers calls. If your call goes unanswered, consider it a red flag and move on to the next garage. Get quotes from all garages and compare them.

Free Estimates

Car owners will tell you how dishonest mechanics can cost you an awful lot of money. So, it’s a great idea to ask a couple of mechanics to conduct free inspections. This will give you an estimate of the total cost.


A professional body shop, such as Steel Horse Automotive, will always provide a warranty. Ask about this beforehand for added peace of mind.

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