Tire Sales- What You Need to Know Before Buying New Tires

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Auto Repair

Buying new tires for your car generally becomes a necessity after two or three years. Most tires have a lifespan of around three years, and should be replaced once you have driven around 40,000 miles on them. There are plenty of different stores that hold tire sales so you can easily purchase new tires at an affordable price. However, there are a few important things that you need to know about buying new tires. The following few paragraphs provide important information about the different things that you should check before buying a set of new tires for your car.

Manufacturing Date

Many companies that hold tire sales are generally trying to get rid of all of their stock. However, you should always check the manufacturing date before buying any set of new tires. The manufacturing date is mentioned on the side of the tire wall as a four digit number. The first two digits indicate the week in which the tires were manufactured, and the last two digits indicate the year. Since tires are made of rubber, it would be a foolish move to buy tires that have spent more than two years on the shelf. If it’s spent a long time on the shelf, it may lose its original shape.

Check the Owner’s Manual

Another thing that you need to check when buying a new set of tires is the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual includes the exact specifications for the size of the tire that you should buy for your car. This information is also printed on the underside of the driver’s side door frame. When you go to get the tires replaced, you can also ask the sales rep to provide you with the details about the size that best fits your car. If you want to know more about the services offered at Auto Customs 808, you can always contact them at 808-545-1600 or check out their website! You can connect with them on Facebook for further news and updates!

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