Two Reasons to Seek Manual Transmission Repair in GR

Manual transmissions are steadily becoming less popular in America, but they are still quite common to find on the road and are very much loved by those who drive them. Manual transmission repair is necessary if this intricate piece of machinery is causing any number of problems, often with many obvious and some subtle signs that can give you an early indication of an issue. High mileage and faulty transmission parts are two of the main causes of a transmission going bad and knowing what to look for will help you to simplify getting repairs and improve the chance of a cost-effective and simple solution.

Burning Smell

Although most commonly associated with a person just learning how to operate a stick shift, the smell of a burning clutch can be quite strong. However, manual transmission repair in GR may be required if the smell should ever occur during normal conditions, such as simply driving the vehicle to work. If this is the case, you should click here to talk about clutch replacement or adjustment, depending on the source of the problem.

Grinding Gears

Manual transmission repair could also become necessary once you notice that your gears grind whenever you shift. In addition to the grinding, you could feel your vehicle begin to vibrate or shake from the clutch pedal or shifter, and this is a serious sign of trouble. Having your vehicle inspected by a Grand Rapids professional will ensure that you never find yourself facing more repair work than you can afford at once.

Gear Popping

Your transmission should certainly never fall out of a driving gear while you are cruising or accelerating and this is a sign of something very wrong. Most commonly, a transmission will fall out of first gear during acceleration from a stop, which might indicate a leak in fluid and require new parts for your transmission. These might include gaskets, seals, and other items being replaced by a professional. Click here for more information.

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