Types of Heat Transfer Products in Illinois

There are many different types of cooling systems on the market today but they all have one thing in common: each one contains some form of heat transfer device.

Heat is a moving energy. As per the laws of thermodynamics, when heat is present, it must transfer from one place to another. In a cooling system, the “cooling” is not moving from the system to the outside but rather the heat is moving from the outside to the system. As the system continues to cool itself, additional heat is allowed to transfer from the outside to the inside of the system. This is a basic principle of heat transfer devices.

Types of Heat Transfer Devices

There are many different types of devices related to heat transfer within a cooling system. Here is a list provided by an expert on heat transfer products in Illinois:

  • Charge air cooler: This is a type of intercooler contained within an engine. Its purpose is to cool engine air after it has moved through a turbocharger.
  • Oil cooler: This is a type of radiator that uses oil instead of water for heat exchange purposes.
  • A/C condensers: These are heat transfer products which consist of a heat exchanger, a compressor, and a fan that work to condense incoming vaporized refrigerant into liquid.
  • Coolant tubes: These are the hoses that deliver coolant throughout a cooling system. In vehicles, these are mainly connected to the radiators.

When Your Cooling System Fails

It is best to contact a reputable provider of heat transfer products when your cooling system fails. Overheating is a serious issue, and can cause your entire engine or facility to break down. Don’t hesitate – if you are in need of Illinois heat transfer products, call an experienced provider immediately!

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