Ways to Make Storefronts in Washington DC More Attractive

The idea of opening a small shop sounds appealing. With a little time and effort, the entrepreneur finds the ideal location. The price is right, but the place could use some work. That includes the display windows at the front of the shop. Here are some tips that will help boost the visual appeal of Storefronts in Washington DC and increase the odds of attracting the right type of attention.

Inspect the Glass

Take a good look at the glass in those display windows. What kind of glass is present, and is it in decent shape? If the surfaces are scratched in several places or there happen to be some chipped spots, thinking about replacing the glass is a good idea. Storefronts in Washington DC that sport display windows free of any type of imperfection keep people from thinking of the shop as a tired old place before they even take a peek inside.

Consider Glass Options

While local laws do require the glass be of a certain type and thickness, there is still plenty of room to make some embellishments. For example, has the shop owner considered the idea of using some type of tinting that helps to reduce glare? The right type of tint will enhance rather than hide whatever is displayed in those windows. In terms of making the inside look a little better, the lack of glare in the shop makes it easier for people to step in and browse without having to squint.

Another possibility is to embellish the glass with some type of stained effect. While most of the display window glass would need to be clear, there’s no rule that says a stained glass border can’t be used to call more attention to the displays. Simple tricks like this will draw the eye to the window and motivate anyone passing by to step up for a closer look. In the best case scenario, the consumer will come inside and make a purchase.

Before feeling stuck with whatever plate glass is in the storefront at present, Browse the Site and take a look at some of the suggestions provided. Contact Beltway Auto & Plate Glass and arrange for an expert to visit the shop. Together, it will not take long to come up with the ideal solution.

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