What Are The Most Common Signs Of A Bad Idler Pulley Tensioner?

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Auto Network Blog

Idler pulley tensioner plays a vital role in most engines. They help in tightening the engine belt hence facilitating efficient power transfer from the serpentine to the alternator. When your pulley tensioner is working efficiently, it will generate the required amount of tension, enabling your engine and its components to run as expected. However, if the pulley tensioner isn’t working properly, it will lead to engine inefficiency or failure. That’s said, the following signs will always alert you whenever your pulley tension is faulty:

Fluttering or Squealing Sounds

When your engine produces some fluttering or squealing noise when it’s moving or if idle, that’s an indication of a loose or faulty pulley tensioner. However, if you hear a grinding sound from the pulley, it can be an indication that the tensioner is worn out. In addition, noise from the pulley can also suggest that the pulley bearing is seizing or overheated.

Battery Issues

A normally working pulley tensioner often maintains the required belt speed to keep the battery alternators on. However, if the pulley tensions are faulty or weakened, their ability to keep the alternator on is compromised. Therefore, you will notice your car’s battery turning on and off when driving or starting the car.

If your idler pulley tensioner fails to function properly, it can cause damages to your belts and other engine components. Fortunately, the above-mentioned signs will always make you detect when your tensioners are faulty for you to make a prompt repair. At Premium Auto Products, we provide high-quality and affordable idler pulleys and pulley tensioner options to ensure your engine is always working at its best.

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