When to Consider Brake Services in Chesapeake VA

by | May 19, 2020 | Auto Repair Shop

Driving with brakes that aren’t in good condition isn’t just dangerous to you, it’s dangerous to others on the road as well. This is why it’s so important to get Brake Services in Chesapeake VA at the first sign of brake trouble. While it may be tempting to put off car repairs, leaving this kind of repair undone could cause even more damage to the car and lead to more costly repairs. For instance, if the car is repaired right away, it might only need new brake pads, but if the repairs are left undone, it might need new brake rotors as well.


Keep an eye on the instrument panel, and if the brake light goes on and stays on, plan to make a stop at the service center as soon as possible to get a diagnostic check run and see what the problem is. You can sometimes see the brake pads by looking between the spokes of the wheel. This will give a view of the rotor and caliper, between which is the brake pad. If the pad is less than 1/4-inch thick, it should be replaced soon. Also, if the rotor has deep pits or grooves, it may need to be replaced.


Another sign you may need Brake Services in Chesapeake VA is if you hear a screeching sound that’s high pitched when you’re driving. This sound is actually a built-in warning system of the brakes made by the wear indicators. Go get the car inspected, as a squealing sound could also mean the power steering, air conditioning, or fan belt may be in need of repairs.


There are a few things a driver may feel when driving a car when the brakes are in need of service. These include a grinding feeling when braking the car, the brake pedal sinking further toward the floor than normal when maintaining pressure, and the car pulling to one side when braking. All of these are indicators that there’s something potentially wrong with the brakes. The vehicle is difficult to steer straight could also be a problem with the steering or the wheel alignment.

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