Why you should buy a used Audi RS3

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Car Dealership

RS stands for “racing sport,” in translation from the German “RennSport,” with Audi RS for sale Philadelphia models coming with a wide variety of impressive performance features. These vehicles are incredibly driver-focused and deliver a driving experience that is nothing short of exhilarating.

One of the most impressive models in the range Is the Audi RS3, which blends together the range’s traditional ingredients, such as the superb 2.5-liter 5-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine responsible for driving all four wheels through the brand’s Quattro system plus the respected A3 base that makes the car so practical for everyday use.

What does the Audi RS3 have to offer?

The Audi RS3 is a busy little vehicle that does a lot to ensure its drivers remain engaged with it. A good example of this is the Audi Drive Select System, which comes with no less than seven settings – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic, and Efficiency, as well as RS Performance, RS Torque Bear, and RS Individual. Following this, the RS Individual mode gives drivers access to a trio of adjustments to the suspension, engine sound, stability control intervention, drive system, and steering thresholds.

Why should I buy a used Audi RS3?

Buying a used will always cost less than buying brand new, but one of the main reasons why users should look to the Audi RS3 is just because it is so much fun to drive. It is a deeply impressive car with a constantly warbling engine, strong and consistent drive, solid body control, and remarkably natural damping.

The Audi RS3 is one of the best mega-hatches on the road.

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