3 Reasons to Consider a Diesel Car

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Auto Network Blog

Diesel car have gotten a bad rap over the decades. The fumes they put out stink, the cars are really heavy, and diesel gas costs more than petrol gasoline. However, in recent years, car makers have improved upon the design of their diesel engines to combat these three issues. These are three ways they have been enhanced; they might even convince you to buy one.


Back in the 1970’s, there was an oil shortage that reduced the amount of gasoline produced for cars. A lot of people turned to diesel because of it, however their cars would inevitably be covered in soot. Nowadays, the engine is controlled by advanced computers to monitor the fuel combustion. This modulates the amount of fuel being injected and therefore, reduces the emission of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Burning fuel in this fashion is better than how regular gasoline engines do it. Also, there are CRT filters and catalytic converters that reduces emissions and soot.

Fuel Efficiency

In recent years, the price of diesel gasoline has increased over regular, petrol gasoline. However, in addition to emitting fewer hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, diesel engines burn fuel in a more efficient manner. The TDI Volkswagen diesel models Golf, Passat, and Jetta can get upwards of 45 miles to the gallon. So, even though you might spend extra money on the diesel gas, that tank of gas will last you almost twice as long as the other kind.

Diesel Engines Last Longer

The additives in today’s standard gasoline eventually wear down the car’s engine, even if the car is regularly maintained. Diesel gas, however, is less corrosive and more apt to act as a detergent by cleaning the engine. That can extend the life of the engine potentially two to three times as long as a typical petrol burning engine. Imagine not having to purchase another car for over a decade!

Once something has been stereotyped in a negative way, it is hard to break people’s perception, even in the face of new technology and facts. Diesel engines used to only be found in trucks that delivered across long distances and pumping out off-putting smoke. Yet, the last decade has brought about cleaner diesel fuels and engines that burn more efficiently and with emissions lowers than what the EPA requires. This is not to say that you should never buy a standard car again, but know that there is an argument for diesel cars now.

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