Auto Repair in Lansing MI for Power Steering Fluid Leaks

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Automotive

Some drops of fluid on the driveway or garage floor compels the owner to check all the fluid levels under the hood. The problem appears to be the power steering fluid, as the level in that reservoir is a bit low. Where is the leak coming from? This isn’t always easy to figure out since liquid may travel from one component to another and eventually drip onto the concrete far from where it started. Technicians who do Auto Repair in Lansing MI can diagnose the problem and perform the necessary work to resolve it.

If the leak is minor, people typically can continue to drive for a long time without the situation demanding immediate repair. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle with high miles to develop a leak somewhere in the steering system. Often, the malfunction involves one of the hoses leading from and to the power steering pump or the clamps holding the hoses in place.

The pump itself may be leaking from a faulty seal. This typically begins with a small leak and gradually escalates to the point where fluid must be added to the reservoir regularly. Seals in the gear rack and box also can fail over time. Low power steering fluid is indicated by a whining noise that occurs while steering; if the level drops far enough, steering will become stiff and difficult. The driver can still steer the car, but the wheel does not move as freely as it normally would. Seals may be freshened by adding a stop-leak product to the fluid container. This can buy the vehicle owner some time before repair work becomes necessary.

More extensive Auto Repair in Lansing MI is required if the malfunction is in the rack and pinion. A do-it-yourself mechanic probably can replace hoses and clamps, and may even be able to replace the pump if he or she has a high level of skill. Working on the rack and pinion, however, is best directed to professional mechanics at a garage such as Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service. They have the training and experience, as well as the proper equipment, to do the work effectively.

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