Getting A New Pane Of Glass From A Glass Company in Westbury

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Automotive

When someone notices that a small pane of glass in a window of their home has a crack in it, they will need to take the necessary steps in having it replaced promptly. Failing to fix a cracked window pane could lead to shattering of the glass which could become a hazard for those in the home. Most people will call a glass company in Westbury to tend to the task of doing a complete glass replacement. If the pane is small however, the homeowner may be able to undertake the project on their own.

It will be necessary to wear protective clothing when working with glass so a cut is not sustained in the process of taking the old pane of the window frame. Heavy-duty gloves and goggles along with a long-sleeved shirt and pants is best. Gently tap the pane of glass with a hammer to dislodge it from the frame. A tarp can be placed on the floor to help contain pieces of glass as they fall. It is also helpful to add some masking tape to the glass before tapping it as this will eliminate a large number of shards falling to the ground.

After the glass is removed, it will be necessary to obtain a new pane to fit in the frame. A glass company can cut a new piece of glass to the measurements needed. This pane can then be placed in the frame with the help of a friend. Glass putty will then need to be applied along each edge of the glass to seal it in place. When the putty hardens, excess can be cut away from the glass with a utility knife. The frame can then be repainted if any flaws became present in the process of the replacement.

If someone is interested in contacting a Glass Company in Westbury to cut a new pane of glass or to come do an installation, contacting a reliable service will be necessary. Contact Active Glass today to learn more about the services they offer and to find out estimated pricing information if desired.

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