California’s 30 Million Car Problem

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Autos

Are there really 30 million vehicles on California roads? The answer is yes. With around 15 million automobiles, nearly as many trucks, and around one million motorcycles, buses, and other regulated vehicles, California has one of the most heavily traveled roadway systems in America. In fact, the number of vehicles in California is equal to over 10 percent of the vehicles on the road in the United States as a whole. As you can imagine, all those engines burning many different types of fuel can add a large amount of pollutants to the air. Regulating these emissions can literally be a matter of life and death.

Particle Problems

Every type of fuel that burns amidst a number of chemical compounds and particulate matter. Particulate matter can cause a number of adverse health effects on the pulmonary, respiratory, and cardiac systems. In children it can exacerbate the effects of asthma, while in older people it can increase the severity of COPD. At the same time, particulate matter has been implicated in lung cancer, as well as in increased incidences of stroke and heart attack. For this reason when you register a car in the state of California, or renew your registration, you may be asked to visit a STAR smog station in Fairfield for a more stringent check on your vehicles emissions.

No Hassle

When you have a smog check at a STAR certified station, it only takes about 15 minutes and you have a clean waiting room, with a friendly professional staff. No appointment is necessary, and Vacaville Smogs Check Station is open extended hours seven days a week for your convenience. You must have a valid smog certificate on file with the DMV before you can register your automobile. Come in and get your certificate, register your car, and stay on the road safely and legally.

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