Paperwork And Used Car Dealers

No matter whether you are looking at a new or used vehicle, there will be paperwork. However, it is very important when working in such circumstances to obtain the right paperwork. While you are solely responsible for this when going through a private sale, such is not the case when working with used car dealers. In cities as far apart as Bridgeton NJ and Sacramento, CA, this holds true.

The Papers

Paperwork is the bane of everyone’s existence. Yet, you can own and drive a car without having the right documents. You must be able to register a title with the relevant authorities you need to have the following:

Vehicle Title Certificate: This is the most important document a buyer requires. All sellers, including all used car dealers, have these in their possessions. The information on this form must include the following:

Name and address of the buyer

  • Signature of the buyer
  • The signature of the seller
  • The exact date and price of purchase
  • The current odometer reading
  • The purchaser’s driver’s license number

In places such as Bridgeton NJ, the form may not contain sufficient or any space to fill in the information. As a result, the seller must prepare the following forms or documents:

Bill of Sale: This is required only if the date and price a are not on the back of the title certificate.
Odometer Disclosure Statement: This is required if this information does not appear on the title
Other forms a purchaser needs to obtain from the seller are a valid emission inspection ticket and applicable tax forms.

Used Car Dealers

By dealing with credible and reputable used car dealers, people can avoid many errors that occur from faulty paperwork. They can escape from the issues that happen when the wrong or fraudulent paperwork leaves them stuck with a car they cannot register or legally drive on the streets of Bridgeton NJ.

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