The Most Common Types of Truck Repair in Reading, PA

by | May 29, 2018 | Auto Repair

Semi-trucks and other large vehicles experience many of the same mechanical issues as other cars and trucks. You may experience problems with the brakes, engine, or wheels, among other potential problems. Understanding the issues that you should watch out for may help you avoid the need for major repairs.

Brake Issues and Fluid Leaks May Impair Braking

The braking systems in larger trucks and semis receive a lot of pressure. The weight of the payload also increases the chances of problems with the braking system.

Ensuring that the brakes are functioning properly is essential for the safety of both the truck driver and the other vehicles on the road. If you detect brake fluid leaks or notice any changes to the braking ability of the truck, you may require truck repair.

Worn Wheel Bearings Impact Steering and Control

The wheel bearings help to limit the friction on the wheels. As the wheel bearings become worn, truck drivers may experience changes to the steering. The vehicle may suddenly jerk or pull to one side. You may also notice irregular wear on the inside of the dual tire. These issues also decrease the safety of the vehicle.

Professional truck repair in Reading, PA can address any wheel bearing or wheel seal issues. In addition to replacing wheel bearings, you can ensure that the bearings are properly aligned.

Overheated Engine and Other Engine Issues

You may also eventually need truck repair for an overheated engine or other engine problems. There are many different issues that may lead to an overheated engine. A head gasket leak, electric cooling fan issues, bad water pump, and debris blocking the airflow of the radiator are just a few examples.

For a thorough inspection of your engine and other components, contact Business Name. Experienced mechanics will examine your truck and get to the bottom of the issue.

Whether you have one truck or a fleet of semis, you need to make sure that your vehicles are safe for the truck drivers and other drivers travelling on the road.

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