Signs You Need Brake Repair, Get the Work Done in Tinley Park

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Automotive

The brakes on your vehicle are vital to your safety and the safety of others and need routine maintenance and component replacement. Brakes are necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle as well as to ensure that you and others sharing the road in Tinley Park are not at risk.

How do you know when it is time to take your vehicle in for brake repair in Tinley Park?

The Brakes Are Less Responsive

Drivers become very accustomed to the way their vehicle feels and reacts. If you should notice your car fails to respond to the brake pedal, or you have to depress the brake pedal further than you usually do, you need to take the vehicle in for brake repair. In cases like this, the problem is often worn brake pads. Also, a change in “feel” and responsiveness can indicate a leak in the lines or air in the lines. The only way to know is to have the brakes inspected.

Grinding Sound

When you depress the brake pedal, and you hear a grinding sound, what you are hearing is metal rubbing on metal. You can be sure that the friction material on the pads has worn down to the point where the metal backing is rubbing on the brake rotors. Visit a repair shop in Tinley Park and replace the pads immediately. Otherwise, you can damage the more expensive rotors.


A brake system consists of stationary pads and rotating discs or rotors. If a rotor is warped or otherwise damaged, the result can be vibration. The damage may have been caused by worn brake pads or poor wheel alignment.

The Vehicle Veers When the Brakes Are Applied

If you sense your vehicle is pulling one way or the other, the braking system needs attention. One brake pad may be grabbing, or the fluid level is not correct.

If you think you need brake repair, take your vehicle to VIP Tire & Auto Centers, one of which is conveniently located in Tinley Park.

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