Considerations to Make when Purchasing a Push Bar

In some cases, police cars have to be used as a tool for more than just the transport of criminals. In some cases, this can be to activate the overhead lights to warn other motorists or to initiate a traffic stop. However, the situation may also call for more force, in which case the car must be used to try and immobilize another vehicle.

This is the reason why police car push bumpers are found on the front end of most police vehicles. As with a number of other specialized parts for a patrol vehicle, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when trying to determine if a push bar is necessary. In some cases, the better option will be a fender wrap system. Learn more about these options here.

Is Bumping Necessary?
When a police department is considering the purchase of push bumpers, it is important to consider if their purpose aligns with the needs of the department. One of the first things to do is consider the role of the push bumper. The action of this bumper does just as the name implies. It is specially designed to push another vehicle or some other object out of the road. When this is done, the contact may cause damage to the vehicle being pushed. While, this may not be a big deal in some cases, in other situations, it can lead to a lawsuit being filed against the entire department. This is why many agencies have implemented a policy of ‘no contact’ for officers. However, for agencies that have not adopted this ‘no contact’ rule, the push bar can be instrumental in reducing damage to the actual patrol vehicle.

Protective Features
There are a number of modern push bumpers that have a type of protective, or soft, layer on the front where contact is likely to occur. This can help to minimize overall damage. However, keep in mind that a number of modern vehicles feature a deformable bumper covers that are designed to address styling, pedestrian safety, weight and other things. This is why it is essential that proper training with the push bar is provided in order to minimize damage and maximize efficiency.

If you are planning to implement push bars for your department, be sure to consider all the factors here. This will ensure the best possible outcome for the push bar is achieved.

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