How Long Can Someone Drive With a Windshield Crack Before Replacement of Auto Glass in Silver Spring, MD?

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Automotive

When a windshield develops a crack, the vehicle owner may wonder how long it’s okay to drive around with that flaw in the glass. If the problem is only a chip, having repair of Auto glass in Silver Spring MD, often can stop the chip from spreading into a crack. This usually has to be done quickly, though, by having an automotive technician fill the little chip. Once a crack appears, however, whether or not it’s still safe to drive the vehicle depends partly on where the crack is located and how extensive it is.

In some cases, a crack that develops horizontally near the bottom of the windshield will never spread beyond several inches. Someone could, theoretically, drive with that flaw in the glass for many thousands of miles with no further problems.

But, there’s another aspect. A windshield that is not in optimum condition is weaker than it should be. In the event that the car ever rolls over, the top is more likely to collapse if the windshield is not structurally sound. This should be a major factor in deciding whether to get new Auto glass in Silver Spring MD, installed.

There’s an additional consideration in regard to driving with a cracked windshield. In some states, this isn’t legal, although law enforcement officials may not bother to pull someone over if the flaw is relatively small and doesn’t interfere with vision. Some states only require windshield replacement if the crack is located anywhere that the windshield wipers touch, as this is considered the critical area for visibility.

In Maryland, a police officer may pull a driver over if the crack has developed in a way that interferes with visibility. The driver receives a ticket known as a Safety Equipment Repair Order. The windshield replacement must be completed by a facility such as Beltway Auto & Plate Glass within a certain amount of time. Proof of the work must be provided to law enforcement. This can be done by sending the completed work order for the job to the police department or by stopping at a police station and having someone verify the replacement. Browse the Site for more details on auto glass repair and replacement.

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