Get a Car Brake Inspection in Virginia Beach VA and be Sure That Car or Truck Can Stop Properly

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Automotive

The brakes on an automobile are arguably its most important feature. After all, without a reliable method for stopping the vehicle, driving it would be an impossibility. Braking systems make this possible by forcing a set of discs or shoes against the braking surface and causing friction. A Car Brake Inspection in Virginia Beach VA is required to determine the quality of these braking devices and if any damage has occurred to surfaces on the drum or rotor. Drum brakes use shoes which are slightly curved and press against the inside surface of the outer edge of the wheel drum. Disc brakes use pads that float over the rotor surface on either side. This reduces the need for extra force when the brakes get engaged.

Brake wear is one of the most common reasons for vehicle accidents. Either the brakes fail to grip, only grip on some wheels or grind metal to metal because the pad is worn. Not all vehicles notify about this problem because there are few vehicles with brake sensors capable of this task. Instead, the brake pads have a small metal plate attached to one of them that creates an awful noise when the pad reaches a certain level. An expert in Car Brake Inspection in Virginia Beach VA should be able to see how close this level is to warn the owner about the impending need for brake replacement.

Perhaps the most vulnerable component in the brake system, besides the actual pad, is the rotor surface. Every time the brakes wear down, they damage a part of this surface. At this point, the only real option is to have the rotors turned. This can be done on the vehicle at certain locations or off if the shop has a lathe. Turning the rotor on the vehicle has quickly become the preferred option since there is less work required to complete the task. Note that if this is not done, there is a chance that the brakes may grab unexpectedly and cause an accident. This happens because the surface of the brakes isn’t in line with the surfaces on the rotor which means that one pad may catch before any others. Contact the experts at Indian River Auto & Transmission Repair for more information on brakes and brake repairs.

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