Have You Visited an Automotive Repair Shop in Jefferson City, MO About Your Leaks?

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Automotive

If you see pools of fluid under your car after you have parked it, consider those warning signs – indicators that you need to have you care repaired right away. Any leak you discover should not wait, as it can affect your car’s entire mechanical assembly.

Beware of Red or Green Puddles

If you see a green or red fluid under your car, that is a sign that your transmission is leaking. The fluid is colored these hues so it can be distinguished from other auto fluids. These colors are your cue that you should see an automotive repair shop in Jefferson City, MO. When this fluid appears, it could be the result of a gap in the transmission, such as an opening in the pan gasket or a hole in the fluid lines. The seals may also be corrupted.

Don’t Wait Until Your Transmission Breaks Down Completely

Even if you see only a small amount of fluid, you need to call an automotive repair shop without delay. This type of repair does not resolve itself and will only worsen over time. If the leak does not get fixed, your transmission will fail. Because a leak is much easier to fix, it is best to address the problem sooner rather than later.

Heat Can Create Cracks in Lines

If your transmission pan is leaking, it can result from wear and tear on your vehicle. Maybe the pan became punctured or the plugs are not sufficiently tightened. Only a specialist at an automotive repair shop can make the diagnosis. When the fluid lines leak, it normally has to do with the debris in the road. Heat can also create cracks that, in turn, will cause fluid to flow out of the car instead of through the engine.

Get Rid of Any Leaks Now

Whether your seals are broken or your pan has sprung a leak, you need to find a business that will take care of the issue fast. You can get the repair made at a company, such as Dents Unlimited. Make it your goal to get rid of any leaks.

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