Three Reasons to Invest in the Ford Explorer This Time Around

If you’ve never owned an SUV, you might be missing out on a world of features and benefits. Consider investing in an SUV for yourself and your family the next time you shop for a car. The Ford Explorer might be the perfect one for you. The following are three reasons you should shop for a Ford Explorer in Mount Prospect.

Seating for Seven

Seating is essential, especially when you have a large family. The Ford Explorer in Mount Prospect comes with seating for up to seven people. With that much seating, you can take your extended family on vacation or use the vehicle for carpools or ride shares.

Massive Power

If you’re a person who’s into power, you’ll love what the Ford Explorer has to offer. Its strong motor will give you up to 365 horsepower depending on which trim you pick. This horsepower is way past some of the sports cars in the industry. Therefore, you’ll get a high-performance vehicle that can handle a heavy load.

Great Gas Mileage

A lot of SUV models don’t have good gas mileage, but the Explorer does. If you do a lot of city driving, you’ll be glad to know that you can get up to 19 miles per gallon. If you take your trips mostly on the highway, then you will get about 27 miles per gallon.

The list of positives about the Ford Explorer does not end here, but it should prompt you to make some calls. Get in touch with a dealership now and schedule a test-drive of this masterpiece. The test-drive will last between 15-20 minutes, and it will allow you to review the performance as well as all the gadgets.

Contact Arlington Heights Ford at to find out more information about this vehicle and how you can own one.

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