Jaguar F-TYPE: Two Excellent Performance Cars from the Recent Past

The Jaguar F-Type was launched in 2013. It was hailed as a sports car with more than stunning looks and impressive power. It was designed to be more useable and even affordable. It quickly found its markets in cities as disparate as Philadelphia PA and Toronto ON, Canada. It has, according to the critics, aged well, although, not surprisingly, some years are perceived as better than others.

Two Roars from the Past

While some may find a new Jaguar F-Type in Philadelphia beyond their car budget, this does not apply to used Jaguars. You can find a great deal if you look. Since the F-Type has only been around for a decade, it has the advantage of being equipped with sufficient modern technology. Arguably, many of the earliest models have the same attractive features as later ones. This includes the two provided below.

2016 F-Type

If you want a luxury sports car that has powerful engines capable of producing between 340 and 550 hp, this is the ideal model for you. It has agile handling and can easily navigate any sharp corners it comes across. Its style stands out. It has a luxurious interior. Moreover, it possesses all the technology you need.

2020 F-Type

2020 was a refreshed year for the Jaguar F-Type. This particularly applies to the infotainment system. The new standard additions were Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability. Front parking sensors were also now standard in all trims. The choice of engines was now limited to two, but the power remained.

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