Everything You Should Know About Paramount Theater Parking in Seattle

The Paramount Theater is among Seattle’s most popular and iconic performance venues. It regularly offers Broadway events, plays, concerts, and dance performances, meaning people go by the thousands.

The theater can hold up to 3,000 people at a time, meaning parking is one of the most common challenges you can face. Unfortunately, there is no on-site Paramount Theater parking, meaning you must look for an alternative parking space.

Where can you park safely around Paramount Theater Seattle?

Paramount Theater is in downtown Seattle, on Pine Street and 9th Avenue Corner, a block North of the Washington State Convention Center and across the street from the entrance of the Convention Place Metro Tunnel.

Numerous metered parking spots exist on Pine Street, 9th Avenue, Olive Way, and Pike Street. The rates are usually around $3-$4 hourly, with a two-hour maximum parking time. The metered parking is usually free after 8 pm, depending on the street you are parked on.

You can also find multi-level garages close to the theater at Pike Street Garage, Pacific Place Mall, and The Washington State Convention Center. The security in these places guarantees that your car will be in perfect shape when you return.

How can you find off-site parking spots around the theater?

As expected, coming across a free parking spot with so many people visiting the theater can be challenging. Driving around to look for the spot after you arrive can be tiresome and fruitless, making you miss your show.

You can avoid this by looking for an online service to book a spot in advance from the comfort of your home.

Park Seattle helps take the stress off your mind by offering among the most reliable and affordable parking spot services. For a hassle-free Paramount Theater parking spot, visit the website and submit your location and parking preferences.

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