Jeep Wrangler: The Xtreme Recon Package

The Jeep Wrangler has long been a favorite among Americans. Since 1986, it has charged its way through the competition, carried in part by its famous WWII predecessors; in part by its abilities. Technological updates have ensured it can successfully compete with other off-roaders.

The Xtreme Recon Package

This package is one way the Jeep Wrangler in Dunkirk NY keeps its customer base happy and wins over more acolytes. It improves the off-road experience, adding to the inherent adventurous nature associated with Jeeps. It manages to accomplish this without affecting the retro charm that is the Wrangler.

The Xtreme Recon package, although already available in other Jeeps, was first offered to customers purchasing a Wrangler Willys in 2022. It consisted of:

  • Strong 35-inch tires
  • A 1.5-inch suspension lift
  • LT315/70R17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s tires mounted on 17×8-inch beadlock-capable wheels.
  • Reinforced swing gate

To address the changes, the company has tuned the Fox high-pressure gas monotube shocks suitably and lowered the axle ratio.

The Willy already possesses several impressive off-trail features. These include the Trac-Lok® Limited Slip Rear Differential and steel rock rails. Combined with the Xtreme Recon package, these existing qualities further enhance the Willy’s overall off-trail capabilities.

Purchasing the Xtreme Recon Package

The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys is charming and retro. It is also comfortable, imbued with high tech and drives extremely well off-road yet can handle what the streets of Dunkirk NY offer. The option of purchasing an Extreme Recon Package now allows drivers to launch themselves fearlessly and effortlessly into rough cross-country adventures.

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