Signs You Need Windshield Replacements in Richmond, VA

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Auto Repair

When you drive from one location to another, you never know when something might be thrown at your window by another vehicle or dropped from above from a tree or building. Whoever or whatever is to blame, you now have a situation on your hands. The glass of your windshield now has a small crack, and you must now decide whether you need a repair or a replacement. Windshield replacements are cost-effective and necessary more often than you might think. To determine your need, learn the signs.

Do Not Put It Off

When you notice a crack or chip in your windshield, you should never try to repair it on your own. After all, you should never risk injury for the sake of a few dollars. Instead, get windshield replacements in Richmond, VA at a cost-effective rate without any of the worries. A professional technician is a must, as he or she knows the proper safety protocols and has all of the necessary equipment to get the job done right the first time.


Drivers with damaged windshields always ask whether a crack, chip, or scratch needs repair. The answer is always an emphatic “yes!” Cracks can be the most dangerous, as they obscure vision and can cause accidents. The moment you notice a crack, call a reputable technician, such as those found at These professionals will help you determine when you need windshield replacements or repair.

Prevention Techniques

Remember to park in areas with a lower risk of falling debris, such as parking lots without trees. Remember to regularly refill your windshield washer fluid when you notice you have run low. Once your windshield wiper blades begin to show signs of wear and tear, be sure to replace them as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road. Finally, wash your windshield thoroughly with cleaner designed for the windshield rather than regular household glass cleaner. All of these will help prevent a crack or chip and keep you out of the shop.

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