Why Families Should Consider Buying A Ford Escape In Bedford Park

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Automotive

Figuring out which vehicle to purchase can be a complicated decision; one that can be further complicated when you have to consider not only your own safety, but that of your entire family. Thankfully there are easy ways to determine which vehicles are best suited to those with young families, and which are best to be avoided. Here are just a few reasons why families should consider buying a Ford Escape in Bedford Park.

Gas Mileage

One of the biggest perks of the Ford Escape is its excellent gas mileage given its size and class. Newer models are capable of 23 city miles per gallon, something that was previously unheard of in the same class. There are a few benefits to this improved gas mileage to young families. The first is obviously the ability to save money on gas, a huge perk to any blooming family. The second is that you won’t need to make as many trips to the gas station, and for a family with young children, this alone can be well worth any type of investment.

Interior Space

The Ford Escape can boast a ton of interior space, ideal for car pooling, carting the kids to sporting events, or bringing the whole family on vacation. It’s even roomy enough to fit multiple car seats, for the rapidly growing family’s convenience. When the seating isn’t in use, it’s easy enough to remove and store, giving you a much larger cargo capacity.

Safety Features

There are a ton of safety features available for the Ford Escape, especially later models. The rear camera alone is invaluable, as it can help with parallel parking and backing up into spaces – preventing damage from happening to your vehicle and saving you time and money in the long run. It also has a foot activated lift gate, making it easier to gain access to the trunk.

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