The Local Hub of a Bike Repair Shop

by | May 9, 2016 | Automotive

Commuting by bicycle is becoming more and more common in urban and small city communities all across the country. Riders benefit from the increased activity as well as from a reduction of harmful emissions that they would be releasing into the air by driving or taking other methods of public transportation. Riding a bike is one of the easiest ways to live a greener lifestyle. Daily commuters can put a lot of mileage on their bikes, and all those miles inevitably lead to a need for a Bike Repair Shop.

Over long miles through dry heat, wet weather, changing temperatures, and varying terrains bicycle parts can wear out just like any other machine. Casual riders as well as commuters can benefit from knowing a bit about caring for their bikes as well as when and where to get them serviced. The parts that wear out most quickly on any bike are the tires, tubes, and chain. Keeping up with regular services including cleaning the chain and cogs or properly inflating the tires will save riders on repair and replacement costs over the long haul. The chain should be cleaned and lubricated at a shop every few months at least, and tires should be inflated before each ride.

Getting the chain cleaned, lubricated, and changed out every once in a while through a local shop will save on replacing more expensive parts of the bike such as the rear sprockets or the crank-set. A yearly tune-up is a great way to keep these more expensive parts in good condition over the lifetime of the bicycle. These services are as important for bicycle commuters as regular oil changes and brake checks are for cars.

There are many other reasons to go to a local Bike Repair Shop when purchasing or maintaining a bicycle. Bicycle mechanics can diagnose problems before they arise and also provide riders with a source of information about what products to use. Local bike shops often serve as a hub for the cycling community, offering a way for riders to meet and providing information on events. Getting repairs from a local shop is also a great way to support the cycling community.

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