There is Unprecedented Demand for Effective Performance Tuning Services in Phoenix, AZ

by | May 22, 2019 | Automotive

Providers of Performance Tuning Services in Phoenix AZ regularly turn fast cars into machines that set new records at local drag strips and racetracks. Companies like Cordes Performance Racing take already-impressive vehicles like Corvettes and Z28 Camaros and make them even more powerful and exciting. Visit the website of such a business and it will become clear that no car enthusiast ever lacks for options worth investigating to improve performance.

Many Ways to Boost Automotive Performance

Starting with a car that was designed with performance in mind always makes it easier to take the next step. Manufacturers that produce sports cars understand how to endow their creations with more than enough performance for the average driver.

On the other hand, some car owners are a lot more demanding and interested in pushing the limits. Entrusting a car that is already fast to a company that offers Performance Tuning Services in Phoenix AZ is a proven way to make it even more exciting to drive. Some of the kinds of parts that are often installed in pursuit of such goals are:

  • Roller cams.
  • The camshaft that opens the valves in a car’s engine plays a central role in promoting performance. A camshaft that produces too much friction will parasitically sap power from the very engine it is intended to serve. A roller-style camshaft can improve observed power levels significantly since its bearings help keep such losses down. Roller cams also snap valves open faster, allowing engines to breathe more freely.
  • Anti-roll bars.
  • Many highly tuned cars are capable of lifting their front wheels off the ground when drag racing. In some cases, a car’s front wheels will even rise at different rates. That commonly observed sight is most often a sign that torsional forces are twisting the chassis of the vehicle. A stiffer anti-roll bar installed at the rear of the car will help prevent this problem from arising and cut elapsed times.

Experts at Tuning Cars Have Many Tricks and Tools at Their Disposal

Visit the website of a company that offers performance-oriented tuning services and it will become clear that there are many other ways to make progress. Turning a fast factory-stock car into one capable of winning races at a local drag strip is often easier than expected.

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